Women in Golf, Creating a New Era in Golf Entertainment

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We can do it.  Yes. You. Can.  As a father of two girls, I couldn’t be happier about it.  Women in golf has exploded over the past few years and rightfully so.   In fact, 67%of new golfers  in 2006 were women, according to wsj.com.  Seem dated?  Doesn’t matter.  The trend hasn’t slowed.  A game deeply rooted in history and tradition, it seems golf is finally starting to see the light.  There are now More Women in Golf, creating a New Era of golf entertainment.  Our kind of gals…

“Women in Golf” Google Search:

Now, before putting this together I wanted to do a little research and see what popped up.  Mind you, we try to stay away from overly ran themes but with my first search attempt, “Women in Golf,” the only topic(s) on the first page that came up was “Most Beautiful Women in Golf,” or, “20 hottest Women in Golf today”, etc…etc…    Admittedly, I did browse a bit – it was well-deserved.  However, the intent of my “googling” was to illustrate my own recent observation which is, women seem to be playing and improving at the game of golf at an accelerated rate.  And there’s nothing wrong with that, Clark…

Matt and I played a round of golf this past fall at Arrowhead Golf Club in Wheaton, IL.  As we approached the starter he commented that it would be a couple minutes due to a group of 4 ladies just teeing off.  Now, I am going to apologize in advance, but my first thought was “Geez, this is going to be a long round.”  I was sorely mistaken.  The group of 4 gals were crushing the ball and by the time Matt and I finished hole #1 (Mostly, because Matt kept shanking the ball), they were already walking off the green on #2.  I should’ve expected it – most of the women I know are good at anything they put their minds to – why would this group of gals be any different…  Yes, there were times we both had “Bill-Murray-at-the-ball-washer-moments”.  Think Caddyshack.   

More TV Coverage:

The Big Break series on Golf Channel first brought my attention to the skill level these ladies are bringing to the table.  Every challenge, one-on-one matchups, and more importantly the confidence I was seeing out of the women on this show, was remarkable.  Nowadays, I find myself more inclined to check out Paige Spiranac ripping one down the middle of the fairway or checking out Golf Cuties rather than seeing Beef Johnston digging one out of the bunker.  Sorry, Beef.  

It’s not just about looks either.  The underlying “coolness” is that women are helping to reshape the game of golf, not changing it, but embracing it for what it is.  And that folks, is what we’re all about.  More importantly, that is why you are seeing More women in Golf.

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