Welcome to the Mile High City!

We decided to up our game on our 4th annual golf trip and doubled up our foursome to 8 on this one.  It was a great idea to grow our outing, so more of our friends could enjoy what we had been experiencing the last few trips.  Since we increased the group, we had to look for larger accommodations, as we wanted to make sure everyone was all together.  This was our first experience renting a house for the golf trip, and it couldn’t have gone any better.  We landed a sweet spot in Southglenn, a south suburb of Denver.  Another bonus to this trip was that the biggest fight of the last several years, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, was going to be on that Saturday and we were able to talk to the owner to make sure it was ordered for our stay.  Enough about that for now, and on to the main event, Golf!

As per that last couple of years, we were playing 72holes in 3 days, with the first 18 to be played as soon as we landed.  Not an easy task to coordinate with 8 people flying in from all over the country (hint, a huge reason why we created this site), but we made it happen.  We couldn’t have picked a better course to start off the 3 days, Ridge at Castle Pines North, a Troon Course.  It was the perfect course to stretch our legs after the flight.  It is rated one of the best courses in the Denver area, and that have a fantastic clubhouse to unwind in after a round.  Next up was Deer Creek Golf Club, which looked like an easier course from the research we did the months leading up to the trip.

We try to plan an easier round the morning after everyone gets in, due to the fact that everyone tends to stay up pretty late the night before catching up and enjoying a few libations (a common theme on our trips).  Unfortunately, Deer Creek played a lot tougher than most of us had thought.  It was in excellent shape, but definitely challenging to most of us who were half in the bag from the night before.  After we wrapped up there, and swallowed a bit of our pride, we were off to Arrowhead Golf Course, home of the famous red rock hog backs.  This place was the crown jewel of our trip to the Mile High City.  The views alone at Arrowhead are worth the price of admission.  This place was amazing!

Not only do you get the impressive scenery, but you are also bound to run into some wildlife on the course.  There are plenty of deer and foxes on this course, and I’ve even heard some lucky, or unlucky depending on how you look at it, get to see a bear!  Our experience was definitely a good one, although the weather wasn’t the best, we battled through it.  We ended up having to take a break part way through the round due to a downpour, but fortunate for our group, the Libation Chauffeur (cart girl) was stranded with us.  Let me just tell you, we took full advantage of that and cleaned her out of most of the liquor on the cart.  Needless to say, we didn’t have our best round ever.

Once the rain subsided we wrapped up our round and headed on in.  When we got in, we noticed the clubhouse, which was damn nice, was setting up for a wedding.  Being the kind hearted Loopers that we are, we pitched in and actually helped carry the wedding cake up to the event!  Probably not the best idea since we had downed a few beverages, but it worked out.  Definitely some memories that won’t soon be forgotten on this day, that’s for sure.  After a long day, it was time to head back to the house and relax a bit before heading into our final round, and the epic fight that lay ahead the next night.  We played the final round at the home of the PGA in Colorado, The Golf Club at Bear Dance.

Another beautiful setting, and a great way to wrap up the 72holes.  The only knock on this course were the greens, which had just been aerated.  It was just bad timing by us, and not really anything to do with the course.  The course had incredible views and was in great shape otherwise.  We all had a blast with the last round, especially a couple of people who ended up on the right side of wagers that were made.

After all the golf had been played, we still had the big fight that was taking place that night and we had made all the preparations for the main event.  We grilled out steaks and had wedge salads ready to go.  The only problem was that there was only one knife in the whole house.  Definitely a detail that was overlooked.  Oh well we managed, and had a great meal and great entertainment for the final night.  It’s easy to do when you’re in the right frame of mind…

It was definitely one of the best trips we’ve had, and having more people with us only made it that more enjoyable.

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