Wear Your Golf Pants to Work Day. Or any day…

Comfort. Breathability. Ability to move, and flex my toned quads with freedom. These are small enjoyments of life I like to take advantage of on a daily basis.   How do I do this?   I wear my golf pants to work. The best part, nobody knows they’re golf pants. The other best part, (yes, there are several best parts) I’m a little over halfway dressed for the course should I decide to sneak out early afternoon for a quick nine. If you’re like me, you keep your golf clubs, cleats and a hat in the trunk so you’re ready at a moment’s notice.   Oh yeah, and a fresh golf shirt in the trunk. Don’t wear those to work, that’s just getting a little tacky…

The Right Type of Golf Pants

Now, I’m not putting on Loudmouth pants (which, by the way are cool) for the workday – feel free though, if your boss doesn’t mind getting a splitting headache seeing you throughout the day. Save those for the course where you can draw attention to yourself and your double-bogeys. Rather, I find  workplace fashion comfort in some blues, 50 shades of gray (some with patterns) and some blacks.   Khaki works for the summer, but don’t be that guy in the winter.

Why did we take the time to share this with you? Because its an awesome feeling to have your lower extremities a little less restricted during the workweek grind. We know you work hard, and also know you love putting your golf pants on one leg at a time, just like we do.   So go ahead, wear your “athletic pants” to the office. It’ll be our little secret…

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  1. nothing Terry Brown

    I absolutely agree. I wear golf pants most of time to work. They look like dress pants but are much more comfortable.


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