Top things to do at the Masters…and some don’ts

The Masters Tournament is just around the corner and we here at Golf Fore It are pumped.  If you are one of the lucky ones and heading over to Augusta, Ga. for the tourney and wondering  “should I pack a beer helmet or a green leisure suit?”  Worry no more.  Your travel experts at Golf Fore It have put together top things to do at the Masters and some don’ts.

Where am I going to lay my head?

If you haven’t been to the Masters before as a patron (that’s right, you are not a fan at the Masters, you are a patron.), one of the first things you have to figure out is, where am I going to sleep?  Keep in mind, they frown upon taking naps in or around the course, so don’t expect to burrow in a trap.  A cool spot not far from Jim Nantz’s silky smooth voice is the Olde Town Inn.  From the outside it looks like you are at June and Ward Cleaver’s house.  However, this place has a little secret, it has a cozy underground bar called the Fox’s Lair.  Rooms are limited so you may have to plan a little early for this one.

Fox's Lair

Where can I grab a brew?

It may be hard to pull yourself away from the Azalea Cocktails, but if you do decide to head out after the last putt of the day, you have some choices.  Below are a couple top things to do…I mean drink at the Masters:

What to do after the Bars?

This one is easy, and definitely one of the top things to do at the Masters ….Hang with a Tiger, Grrrrrrr!

Get Down Tonight!!

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What to bring to the course?

If you have been cooped up all winter, and now traveling to Hotlanta, I hope you read one of our early blogs on the importance of sunscreen.  There are multiple varieties and they come in all shapes and sizes.  All the same, we prefer Will Ferrell’s Super Sexy Hot Sunscreen.  Grab the pocket size version and lather frequently.

Another gem that will be repeated throughout the day if you didn’t bring one, “Damn I wish I would have brought a chair.”  I am certain you can get a cheapy somewhere in Augusta, and it will be well worth it.  Find a hole and park it.  Fortunately folks are pretty respectful so if you find it necessary to chase after Bubba’s ball, your chair should still be there.

Don't forget to pack your chair

This is how to enjoy the day, beer and a chair.

What happens if I get Bored?

Well, it’s the Masters, so it’s highly unlikely that’ll happen.  On the other hand, you may have a slight buzz and the liquid courage is starting to kick in, so in your mind you are now officially the best golfer on the planet.  Since they won’t let you show your skills alongside Jordan, you can challenge someone else to a round and head on over to The River Golf Club or Forest Hills Golf Club for a quick round.  If you don’t manage to leave the tourney that’s fine too, but hopefully you were able to take the following Monday off.  Because playing a round of golf before heading home would be our top thing to do at the Masters.

Forest Hills Golf Club

The River Golf Club

The River Golf Club


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