Top Cocktails Named After Professional Golfers…

As with any great sports icon, if you are the master of your craft, someone will create a cocktail to name after you.  This tradition however, has seemingly fallen by the wayside.  Can anyone remember the last drink that was dedicated to a golfer? The most recent I can recall is of course, the Arnold Palmer.  A sweet blend of tea, lemonade, and bourbon.  A few attempts have been made to create a cocktail that captures the taste of a specific golfer yet none have gained much traction.  Golf Fore It has decided to take a different approach to the cocktail naming game.  Rather, we match the golfer to the drink, instead of the drink to the golfer.  Below are a few popular cocktails that we feel match to the appropriate pro.  Time to get creative, we challenge you to find a better match than we have.  Grab a drink from the closest Libation Chauffeur and get started.  Ready, set, Golf Fore It!

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  1. nothing Kelley Granger

    These will be served in the Gentleman’s Lounge at the Champaign Country Club!! 🙂


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