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Arizona is the Mecca of golf in the southwest. You’re not going to find a better golf destination, where you can play a round anytime of the year, and enjoy one of the many resorts to unwind. The courses here are as different and amazing as the landscapes in which they were built on. With over 300 courses to choose from, you will find that even the most seasoned pros will be challenged to put up a good score.

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With a little more effort, Colorado golfing is a must. The courses in this State have some of the best backdrops around. Although the course selection isn’t as widespread as other States, the longer drive between courses is worth it. Playing alongside or right in the middle of a mountain range make this State a fun yet challenging arena. You may lose your breath climbing out of a bunker, but make up for it by adding a couple extra yards on your drive due to the thinner air. Speaking of air, you may also run across a familiar scent that was first legalized here. Not recommended during the round though, as you may find yourself at the bottom of a mountain or wondering amongst the clouds. “Highly” consider Colorado if you are looking for a unique and scenic golf outing.

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The Sunshine State.  Home of Mickey Mouse and the architects who brought you Gatorade (U of F).  More importantly, the State where one of the all time greatest movies ever, was filmed – Caddyshack.  Thanks, Davie, FL!

By far one of the most heavily visited States in the Union and home to hundreds of thousands of Snowbirds and retirees.  Well, you can thank those Snowbirds and 70 somethings for driving a demand for awesome golf courses.  Play golf by the ocean (or gulf) or maybe the swamp is your flavor.  Whatever your needs, no doubt Florida has it.

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Host to the first 18-hole course in North America and one of the five clubs, which founded the United States Golf Association, Illinois has what it takes to meet your golfing pleasures. It’s also the birthplace of the founding partners of Golf Fore It. Illinois is known in recent years for being a crooked State (there’s a handful of former Governors in jail) but their courses follow the straight and narrow. You can’t have one the best Collegiate Golfing programs in the country unless you have some challenging courses to play on. From top to bottom, Illinois offers every type of course with back drops consisting of corn fields to the tallest sky scrapers. Why else do you think Abe Lincoln chose Illinois as his home? To play 18 at some of the greatest courses in the country…

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Beads.  Abita Beer.  Alligators.  Gumbo.  Y’all, not you all.   “You can do it!” – Waterboy Movie Quote.  Louisiana is a solid choice for a golf trip getaway.  Plan it during Mardi Gras or not – just get there.  If you stay in New Orleans, just don’t say it like a damn Yankee.  It’s pronounced Nawlins.  The folks in Louisiana know how to have a good time and unwind – let them show you the way.  Catch a crawfish boil and start it out right with a  Hurricane and beer chaser.   See y’all in the Bayou…

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Revered as one of the premier Golf Destinations in the country, Michigan is a State that needs to be considered for your next Golf Trip.  They’ve spared no expense and carved out some of the best courses with incredible views of the Great Lakes, rolling hills and valleys,  incorporating Michigan’s natural beauty.  With more than 650 courses to choose from (we didn’t put them all on our site), it’s hard to go wrong.  We at Golf Fore It are a bit biased recommending Michigan as a travel destination.  Between the Wolverines and Spartans constantly spanking us (Illinois) in both basketball and football there is a tiny bit of animosity.  However, the golf there is too good to let such a rivalry prevent us from playing in the Great Lakes State.

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More than just the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota’s got some great golf too. Fun fact, Minneapolis has more golfers per capita than any other city in the country. One of the big reasons for that is the incredible course selection this state has to offer. The North Star State offers courses carved from an expansive natural setting through naturally open water and marsh/wetlands. Some would say that the Mississippi helped mold the landscape of these courses. Our best guess however, since Paul Bunyan and Brock Lesnar once roamed the area, they had a hand in its formation. Get out and enjoy, there is a lot of good golf to be discovered in Minnesota.

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The Show-Me State. Home of the St. Louis Cardinals – the 2nd most Championship decorated baseball team in America. Yep, we’re fond of Missouri! Its like Arizona collided with Illinois and created a beautiful terrain with great weather. That means great golf. Get out there and play this gem of a State!

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South Carolina

South Carolina is one of the premier golf destinations in the southeastern part of the US. The Palmetto state is home to hundreds of golf courses. From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the shores of the Atlantic, you will have no trouble finding a track that is worth tackling, if you are up for the challenge. So grab your clubs and come on over. It’s definitely worth the price of admission! Not to mention, it was Golf Fore It’s inaugural golf trip destination.

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Southern California

Southern California is the land for beautiful beaches, beautiful people and gorgeous golf courses.  Home to some of the most famous courses in the country, So Cal is a good bet for a great golf trip.  With over 300 days a year of sunshine So Cal will not disappoint.  Just think about it Brah, you never know who you might see there, J.Lo, Brit Brit or even the Terminator (all great golfers by the way).  Whether taking the family to Disney or checking out the sites, be sure to pack your clubs – you won’t regret it.

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“The Lone Star State,” “Don’t Mess with Texas” or “Everything is Bigger in Texas.” No matter the correct nomenclature, one we know for sure, “Texas is a Gem for great Golf.” Whatever your budget, Texas can accommodate. With over 1000 courses to choose from, there is no doubt a course that will fit your skill set and bank account. Typically not considered one of the premier golf destinations, Texas has some of the most unique course layouts due to its varying landscapes. Let’s not forget about the people, this is a proud State with some of the friendliest and helpful residents around. A good rule of thumb, the bigger the buckle the nicer they are. Take advantage of all that Texas has to offer and your golf vacation will be one of your most memorable.

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“Utah! Get me two.” That’s right, there is more than just one thing to do in Utah aside from just skiing. Golfing in this area is remarkable. The views, brews, and courses here will keep you coming back..or keep you from leaving. During your round you can jam out to the Tabernacle Choir and when you are done you can hit up the Tabernacle Pub. Possibilities are endless in Utah.

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Wisconsin, home of the Cheeseheads, cheese curds, and well, pretty much everything cheese.  But don’t forget about the golf here. You’ll be hard pressed to find better courses anywhere in the Midwest, or the rest of the country for that matter.  So pack up your clubs and trek out to “America’s Dairyland” for a few unforgettable rounds of golf, and some delicious cheese curds.

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