The Music City Golf Tour Experience

Play The Music City

Music City Tour?  Yes, please.  It won’t be a tour in the sense that other, more talented artists have toured the Music City before you.  But, you’ll have just as much fun.  We made this trip and had a blast!  


Some of the Courses


Samplings of the Accommodations

Holston House | Golf Fore It

Holston House | Golf Fore It

Pool or a Pond?  Pond is good for you…  House or a Hotel?  Whichever best suits your crew – We’ve got you covered.



                                                      THE CADDY GIRLS

Ever needed a fore caddy?  What is a “fore caddy”, you ask?  That means they help you find those errant tee shots and your 4th approach shot.

How about one who’ll help take your mind off your course struggles? You’ll find comfort with your Caddy Girl.  As seen on the hit ABC show Shark Tank, The Caddy Girls are evolving the game of golf, one round at a time.

                                                       PLAY WITH A PRO

Ever hit a ball to an apex that makes the clouds shake? Probably not… Zac Radford has and it’s yours to see if you want it. It’s better than Mrs. Butterworth on your pancakes.  Zac is a golf pro and a Nashville native who knows the rolls and where they lie. He’s kind of big deal and his office smells of rich mahogany.  Let Zac show you how it’s done, and win like a thousand bucks next season when you proposition your buddies for a friendly wager on final scores… Here’s a sneak peak of Zac through his Instagram page.

                               TOUR THE CITY IN STYLE…& BREW

Nashville’s first and only open-air party bus company.  Big Bertha, as the locals call her, is best described as “Mardi Gras meets Nashville”  Your party bus comes complete with a large built in bar, coolers, ice, cups and VIP bartender.  Equipped with an impressive sound system, get ready to experience Nashville to the best music or your very own custom playlist.  You’ll be “Nashville Famous”.  All done with no roof!

                               DON’T MISS YOUR BUDDY’S EPIC FAIL

Ever had a photographer follow you around the course and snap like a thousand pics of you and your crew?   No?  Well you should.   No worrying about trying to pull your phone out and fumble with your golf glove.  Devin Williams has you covered on this trip.   We utilized Devin’s aim and click skills on our trip to the Music City and it was well worth it.   


Want to travel to the course in style?  Take luxury transportation in Nashville and travel with confidence with the most luxurious coaches in Nashville.  No need to worry about over serving yourself on the course, we can set your crew up with a great ride and a driver.  People will think you are hanging with Garth Brooks.



“We had a great time in Nashville.  Everything went extremely smooth.  Great courses, great weather, great time.  Thanks again for setting things up for us.” – Trevor aka “Masters Trip – 2018”