The Loopers

Who are we and why are we here?

Our Story

Several years ago, a small group of below average golfers and great friends decided to take a golf trip to Myrtle Beach. We loved the game and loved having a great time. What we didn’t expect was the absolute pain in the ass it is to get these trips planned. Fast forward a year later, we took our second journey – this time to San Antonio. Phenomenal time, same predicament. There just wasn’t an easy way to put these excursions together. On the plane ride home, we said to each other that we should create our own site to make this process easy on us and our fellow enthusiasts. At that moment Golf Fore It was born….well not at that exact moment, but you get what we’re saying. From then on we’ve worked towards putting together a site that helps people organize memorable getaways, without all the pain and suffering we had to go through. But we didn’t stop there. We also wanted our site to help get people excited about this great sport, and sharing in all the magnetic things that happen out on the course – ergo Hits & Misses.

the guys

We’ve set out to provide golf travelers just like us with a resource that provides not only the most popular places to play, but also those places rarely thought of as a course destination.

We pride ourselves on providing information about locally owned restaurants and establishments wherever we recommend courses.

We feel this great game of golf, at times, is a little misrepresented.  We don’t want to change the game, we want to highlight its underlying qualities.  Golf is an experience that should be enjoyed, plain and simple.  No one should feel shunned away because they don’t play well or are made to feel embarrassed by another.   It’s simple, everyone sucks at this game, except for Shooter McGavin, he’s good.  Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy this great sport, and all that comes with it.

Our Mission

Refuse to look backward – Golf Fore It

Social responsibility, making a difference – somehow, someway… That’s an important aim for Golf Fore It.  New companies in today’s world have a unique opportunity to lead the charge in setting a new standard for how businesses benefit the general community.

Golf Fore It will begin its efforts by hosting events throughout the year that will be unique and entertaining, but more importantly will designate a portion of proceeds raised at each event toward specific causes benefiting those in need. Our events will be held across the nation at selected locales affording us the opportunity to work with a variety of charities and groups.

Contact us at to chat more about our aligned opportunity to help make a difference together. As our friend and partner, Justin Johnston puts it, “Refuse to look backward – Golf Fore It”.


Golf /gälf, gôlf/

We love it, we hate it, we love to hate it. The bad shots hurt (sometimes literally: keep reading), but it's that one great shot that keeps us coming back. Share your Hits & Misses with us, and we promise to share ours. Even the really embarrassing ones.

Fore /fôr/

Often bellowed right before those bad shots. Sorry, that's our ball hurtling in your general direction! We're out on the course all year, across the country, testing, reviewing, and making our shots. We'll see you out there - and if you're not yelling 'Fore' when you should? The Golf Gods will have their revenge.

It /it/

It's personal. It's the indescribable reason you wake up before dawn to catch that first tee time and beat the weekend green rush. Its the hydraulic thrust of the first beer cracked for the day and the muted thud of the approach shot. It's different for us all, but we can all feel it out on the green together. We're determined to find you the best possible golf experience and to share in everything that golf means to you.

Meet the Loopers

loopers loopers
Jon NolanCo-Founder • Avid Fade Player

OL' Jon has been a long time friend of Justin and Matt.  As a co-founder of GFI, his cheer and humor keep our cheeks hurting from non-stop laughter during every team meeting. He swings from the right side of the ball and has a "natural" fade that always starts left but centers back nicely to fairway. 75% of the time, his drives end up in the middle of fairway every time. Jon’s business background stems from the IT sales and account management industry where he works with numerous Fortune 500 companies.

loopers loopers
Justin JohnstonCo-Founder • Known Club Thrower

Usually, cool as a cucumber, unless he's tossing a few clubs in the pond (or his entire bag of clubs) after 6 straight slices. Justin often comes up with at least one good idea each week. A co-founder and dear friend of both Jon and Matt, Justin brings his "A" game to every team meeting, and his "C" game to the course. Justin’s professional career includes managing private businesses and procurement responsibilities for the University of Illinois.

loopers loopers
Matt ScalesCo-Founder • Widely Regarded as the Most Inconsistent Player in the World

Notably known for wearing unique hats on the course. Another co-founder at GFI, Matt lives for getting rounds in with his buddies and loves the fact those same buddies are in business together with him doing what makes them happy. You can find Matt usually in about 1 of 3 places, bangin' away on work stuff, hanging with his family or somewhere on the left-side rough. Matt’s business history began with real estate development and progressed into managing several start-up businesses within various industry niches.

Our Growth