So, you Stink at Golf… Everyone Else Does Too. Just Play Poorly, Quickly.

You on the Tour?  Odds are you’re not.  I got asked but declined because I wanted to focus on making it into the gym 3 times a week and that takes dedication…  

The Problem

The point of the matter is, it’s highly likely you and I both fall within the category of shitty golfers.  Okay, it’s probably more likely that you play a lot better than I do.  If you don’t, and you’re like me, you know that feeling you get when you’re hitting your 4th shot from the middle (if you’re lucky) of the fairway and the other 3 people in your foursome have resorted to looking at their phones for Facebook updates or worse yet, they’re standing on the green and have already removed the flagstick to start their putts.

Our advice, get lessons and play 5 days a week until you get better.   Can’t do that?  Then do what I do, play poorly, quickly.  Your fellow foursome-mates will appreciate it, as will the 3 foursomes stacked up at the tee box behind you.

Tips for Playing Golf Quickly

Here’s some other tips for your attempt at expeditiously flogging your ball up toward the green:

  • If your cart partner has his/her club(s) and is preparing their shot, motor on over toward your ball and start your preparation process.  Unless your round sidekick is injured with a bad wheel or has a serious aversion to walking, this shouldn’t be a bad option.
  • Don’t spend too much time looking for your ball.  If you’re worried about losing your Pro V1, buy less expensive balls.
  • Think ahead a little.  You can clearly see that your ball is sitting in the left side rough underneath a gigantic tree.  You’re gonna have to punch it out.  Have your 5 iron on the ready.
  • See a Libation Chauffeur Drink some beer.  Not gonna improve your game, but it will help you forget about it…

Above all, don’t get too flustered and remember everyone has bad days on the course – some more than others.   Just enjoy yourself out there on well-manicured grass, being one with nature and playing a game where the only person to beat is yourself.

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