Slow Play on the Course….Just Relax.

Slow Play on the Course

Recently, two foursomes executed a golfer’s version of Fight Club during a round in Canada.  Can anyone guess why?  Broken bones and broken clubs were among the most recent casualties of, you guessed it, Slow Play on the Course.  I have never understood the amount of aggression towards others when having to wait.

Don’t get me wrong, I get it, it is certainly frustrating at times to wait only because I can’t wait to get back out there and swing the sticks.  However, screaming and yelling, or worst yet, fighting with a slow group is senseless. Perhaps we need to put things in perspective here.

In life there is always waiting.  Waiting at security to board a plane, waiting to get a flimsy burger at a fast food chain, or waiting in traffic to get to a job that you don’t like.  When was the last time you read an article about two foursomes getting into a brawl over french fries?

Our message here is this, having to wait a couple minutes on a golf course with some buddies is probably the best scenario imaginable.  With all the things we have to wait for in life, how is spending a few extra minutes outside, on a beautiful course with some buddies a bad thing?  Take your time, enjoy your surroundings, and as one of my least favorite players in the NFL once said, “RELAX.”

Enjoy your day and your round.  If you find yourself getting frustrated because of the group ahead of you, we have put together a couple ideas for you and your group to do while you wait, and they don’t include right hooks, left crosses or body blows.  Who knows, you might make a little cash while waiting.

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