The Rock Rest Lodge Restaurant Experience


Rock Rest Lodge:

The Golf Fore It team took a trip to Golden, Colorado and had the pleasure of dining, and refreshment indulgence at Rock Rest Lodge, a recommended restaurant on our Colorado Golf Trip.  Whenever the history of a restaurant starts with a pet rhino that drank beer with Charlie Chaplin, you can bet it’s going to be a unique and fun place.  The distinctive decor is unlike any other restaurant we have been to, with elk heads on the wall and bras hanging from the antlers, it makes for a great conversation piece.  They even had the back side of a deer mounted to a wall upside down, and patrons were using it as a coat rack.  As soon as you walk in the door there is so much to look at, along with a beer pong arcade game.

What’s on Tap:

On to the staff (don’t worry, I will get to the food in a second) – they were very friendly and courteous of course, and for the guys…the pond was stocked!  Even my wife remarked at how gorgeous, I mean polite, they were.  Ok, now to the food.  They had a great menu with a wide variety to choose from, famous pork sandwiches,  to ribs, and even a burger with peanut butter on it.  Most importantly, it was not expensive.  Our buddy, Amish, ordered a round of drinks for 8 people, and the tab was only 20 bucks!  That’s right folks, beer was only $2.50 and it was good craft beer on tap.  How can you beat that?  Look, we’re not cheap, just thrifty…

If you are playing a round at Fossil Trace or just in the Denver area we highly recommend a visit to Rock Rest Lodge, currently listed as one of our best eats in the Denver area near Fossil Trace.  You won’t be disappointed!


P.S.   This isn’t a plug.  We just really like this place!

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