Myrtle Beach, The Trip Where Golf Fore It was born.

img_0834This was our very first Golf Trip as a group, and honestly one of the best ones we’ve had to date.  We had a great 3 bedroom spot at Tilghman Beach & Golf Resort, which was perfect for our 4 some.  We started off the trip by playing River Hills, which is just outside of Myrtle Beach in Little River.  Hindsight being 20/20, we should’ve saved this for our last course of the trip, as it was definitely a real Beaut!  After we wrapped up the round at River Hills, we headed straight over to Farmstead, as we were playing 36 holes this day.  Farmstead was a great course to play that afternoon.  It’s also the only course we’ve played that spans 2 states.  It has a 767yd Par 6 on 18, which was a first for us as well, that begins in South Carolina and ends in North Carolina.  Definitely the longest hole anyone of us has ever played!  After a long day of golf, we decided to head out for some BBQ and beers, before heading back to the condo to fire up some Texas Hold’em.  Not necessarily the best idea, as those games tend to go a really long time.  Needless to say, the crew was pretty hung over going into the final round Saturday.  We managed to suck it up and head to play Arcadian Shores.  It wasn’t a bad course, but it didn’t seem as well kept as the others we played (this being part of the reason we started this site).  One thing it had going for it were alligators.  Probably not a big deal for the local residents, but it definitely added enjoyment to the round for us out of towners.  There was one person in our group (I won’t name names, but it rhymes with the Judge’s last name in Caddy Shack), who was particularly worried about getting too close to the water on certain holes.  Fortunate for us, we all came away unscathed.

We may not have played the best courses, stayed at the fanciest hotel, or ate at the finest restaurants, but we all had one hell of a time!  For our very first Looper Trip, it was a success!

Oh, out of curiosity, if someone knows why there are so many places with the name Dirty Dick on them in Myrtle Beach, please let us know.

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