Hotel vs. House – What to Consider

Hotel vs. House

Pool or a Pond? Pond would be good for you. Now that we have that figured out let’s refocus our efforts on Hotel vs. House.  When planning your next golf trip a critical consideration for your group is where to crash. It wasn’t that long ago that your options were limited to just Hotels or Motels. Nowadays, individuals will offer up their own home for strangers to come in and stake claim for a couple days or even months. Either sleeping arrangement for your golf getaway will work just fine but your entire golf experience can be enhanced by making the right choice.

Things to Consider

It can be a scary choice no matter how you look at. For instance, you do things in a hotel or house that you would never think about doing at your own home. Throw  dirty towels on the floor and not pick them up? Well, at least we hope you don’t do this in your own home. Or, how about trying to crawl in to a bed where the sheets are tucked so tight you feel like your being faxed? Which, we sincerely hope people stop doing altogether – faxing that is… What about the germs? If you have ever stayed in a place after Matt has been in there, you’re gonna itch later. Try figuring out how the showers work? There are usually 20 settings on the shower head and the massage setting always feels like a llama spitting on the back of your head. Don’t get me started on the pools. When you walk into an indoor pool it always smells like a bucket of bleach.  Want to relax for the afternoon?  How about a nice dip in the chemical bath. Later, we can just sit back on a lounge chair, soak up some fluorescent lights and dry off with a dish towel.

Lodging can be a fickle bitch and most certainly mind numbing when trying to choose the best set up. The good news is we at Golf Fore It partner with the most reliable, clean, and safe affiliates to lodge our customers. We want to ensure your golf trip is an experience not just another vacation. Whether it’s a house or a hotel be sure to weigh all the pros and cons when making your decision. Below is a basic list to consider when making your selection. If you’re still undecided, just give us a call and we can help point you in the right direction.

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