Give Brady His Jersey Back, It’s Time for Golf.

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Well, I hope everyone has fully recovered from their Super Bowl hangover.  I wouldn’t blame you if you haven’t though – it was a hell of a game!  But now football season is over, and it’s time to get back into golf!  But, please, someone give Brady back his jersey.  You know who you are.

Golf season started out with a bang at the Waste Management Open, (yes I know it wasn’t really the first tournament of the year) per usual, with another record breaking crowd.  Over 600,000 people enjoyed the Winter Sun in Arizona, far and away the largest attended event on the PGA Tour, and one of the most fun to watch.  The 16th Hole is an experience that you’ll never forget, so be sure to put it on your bucket list!  Good news is, pro golfers tend not to worry about someone stealing their shirt, however, you may see a couple of chicas without their shirts.

With that excitement over, one of my favorite tournament’s is up next, the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.  Definitely one to watch since the golfers are paired up with celebs for all four rounds.  It’s entertaining seeing what kind of craziness they try to pull off, especially the always hilarious Bill Murray (a Looper favorite) or possibly watching Bill Belichick take a 9 iron to Aaron Rodgers.

The PGA has done a great job scheduling events, as these fun tournaments are a great lead-into the Majors, with The Masters is right around the corner – April 6th thru the 9th. I can already hear the Master’s music playing in my head and the silky smooth voice of Jim Nantz walking me through the day’s action.  It’s a nice build up to those edge-of-your-seat, nail biting final rounds that make watching golf such fun.  Nothing better than waking up early to get in a round before watching the Pros go out and try to put their mark on history.  It’s these tournaments that really get me begging my wife to let me skip the yard work so I can go play a round.  Something about watching them that puts a charge in me, and makes me want to go play some damn golf!  

Part of what we are doing here at Golf Fore It, is trying to do just that, put the charge in someone to want to go out and hit the links.  I know we won’t reach everyone, but if we reach a few, it’ll be worth it.  So get off your ass and let’s go play a round!

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