Get ready for golf season… 3 steps to help get you there

For those of you anxiously awaiting the weather to break and begin your quest to become a mediocre golfer , it’s time to get ready for golf season.  This can be a very daunting task, especially if you’re looking to break into the lower hundreds this season.  No need to panic, Golf Fore It spent the off season conducting some R&D, putting in the man hours to study the science of what you need to up your game.  We met with Sports Therapists, Trainers and other mediocre golfers to come up with 3 steps to help you get ready for the 2017 golf season.

Step 1 – Get ready for golf season by trying on you golf shirts and pants:

Time to see if the Holiday fudge stuck to those ribs and pray your golf attire still fits.  Warning, this may be a bit depressing.  If you were smart, you continued to wear your pants to work like Matt suggested in one of his earlier blogs (Wear Your Golf Pants to Work).  If not, and you are having trouble zipping up half way, it’s time to start shopping or hitting the kale.  Figure it out now or you may find yourself on a golf trip in an embarrassing predicament.  See evidence of that mistake here.

Step 2 – We are not immune to UV Rays, Get your golf bag ready for the season: 

There is a very simple solution here that shouldn’t need repeating.  Either wear an uncomfortable amount of clothes or put on sunblock. Muff Said, right?  Wrong.  No matter how great our intentions are we are always running around like Jo Jo the idiot circus boy the day of our first round and rarely do we think of dropping the sunblock in the bag.

It’s typically not until the turn when you hit the club house, replenish your beer, grab a jerky stick, hit the loo before heading back out and after washing up, you look in the mirror and see a new pinkish hue.  Then you realize you wore a visor instead of a hat.  Oh, and your only 5 foot tall so most everyone can see the top your bald head that now resembles a  candied Hot Tamale.  That last part might just be me – vertically challenged with a lack of natural head coverage.  The point is, there are so many distractions when getting ready to hit the links.  So, as you read through this, grab your grocery list and add sunblock.  When you get home from the store, go directly to your golf bag and get ready for golf season by dropping the UV protection cream in the side pocket.

Step 3 – Sip to stay Sharp: 

That’s right, it’s a medical fact that having a libation is quite good for you (I found this fun fact on the web so it has to be true).  It only makes sense that if drinking alcohol can improve the health of your heart, improve brain function and creativity then it has to be able to improve your golf game.  Consider it your aiming juice.  Same theory should be applied to bowling, lawn darts and climbing Everest.  So here’s the thing, a study done by the University of Illinois found that intoxicated people were better able to solve creative problems.  In addition, intoxicated people have more creative insights than those who stay sober.  What that means is, even if you have a bad day on the course, you will be able to find a way to change that 9 to a 3 on the scorecard easier than a sober person.  So how we see it, as you sit and watch PGA events, go ahead and crack a cold one.  If anyone asks just tell them you are getting ready for golf season.  This kind of practice and preparation will help your approach with the Libation Chauffeur.  Most importantly, it will help you decide against a layup (Layups are for Basketball and FYI, we will have Layups are for Basketball t-shirts available for purchase very soon).



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