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2018 Golf Season Trends

2018 Golf Season Trends … Just Have Fun. The 2018 Golf Season Trends are easy to figure out and it’s…

Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors If you’re like us, Golf is not a seasonal sport it’s a year round sport.  This post is…

Golf Training Aids

Golf Training Aids

It’s no secret golfers will try anything to improve their game but how far would you go to shave a…

golfs best dressed

Golf’s best dressed

Here’s another tribute to golf’s best dressed.  This is why we love this game, the crazier your outfit, the more…

Take Your Wife to Golf

Take Your Wife to Golf Day

Golf is a great escape from life’s troubles, so why not take your wife to golf?  As you can see…

LinksVideo - Ireland Links Golf

Ireland Links Golf – Ah…The Links

Big ups to our friend Dave Lockhart at for awesome work on this video!  Ireland Links Golf.  Makes us want…

Vintage Golf


Vintage Golf Pics

4 Guys on Golf Course

How to Plan Your Golf Trip

The Masters is around the corner, Spring has sprung, and the season is upon us all for taking too much…

Making Golf Great Again

(4 minute read) I know what you’re going to say, (Making Golf Great Again?) but I couldn’t help myself when…

Kiawah Golf Resort. Yes, Please!

Many thanks to our friend, Dave Lockhart over at for sharing this video with us!  Makes us want to…


Equipment Failures

Even the best gear fails from time to time……sometimes with a little help from us.