5 Reasons to Mix Business with your Golfing Pleasure

Golf is an activity that can be done almost anywhere, but especially in the warmer states such as Florida, Southern California and Texas. Luscious green fields, clear sunny skies, a cold drink in the hand, small talk with a twist of business… It’s the ideal combination for a corporate golf day. It’s certainly been done before but there’s something to be said for the tried, tested and enjoyed – golfing will never be outdated.

  1.     It’s easy to pull off

Corporate golf days have certainly evolved from being an event that requires meticulous planning and hours of hard work to carry out successfully. Today, golf estates offer tailored services that will handle everything from registration and refreshments to scoring, prize tables and handing out goodie bags. There’s something sophisticated about a golf estate and with well-manicured lawns and a tranquil environment, your guests will enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday work life.

Image of a golf course in the Rocky Mountains

Sweeping view of the Rockies

  1.     You can add extras

Entertaining clients that might want something other than golf? Get the best of both worlds. Golfing days can be combined with experiences to offer clients – and employees who deserve to be rewarded – a great treat that they’ll remember for a long time. Extras could include local photographers to capture moments on and off the golf course, a casino stop to let off some steam, and a city tour.

  1.     Affordability

Companies usually have a set budget for corporate events meant to both engage with new clients and reward existing ones. Golf trip packages offer great deals that will usually include the costs of golfing, food, refreshments, service and sometimes even entertainment. It’s just not worth it to try and book everything separately as you’ll be missing out on package deals. Look out for discounts at participating partners that are offered on the golf estate’s website.

  1.     Marketing opportunities

Corporate golf days present the perfect opportunity to pepper clients with branded gifts. Golf shirt? They need one with your company logo on it. Towels, caps and sunglasses? Essential items that every golfer should have. Might as well stick your company name on them and leave an impression with your client forever. Take the time to select items of a good quality and make sure that the branding is done professionally – it’s a marketing opportunity at a very small additional cost and you should take advantage of it while you can!

Golf Fore It Mason Jar Black with Handle

Mason Jars by Golf Fore It

  1.     Golf estates are accessible

It doesn’t matter where your company is situated, there’s bound to be a golf course near you. We live in a modern world where everything can be done online, which makes organizing your corporate golf day quick and hassle-free. Pricing, location, dining options and accommodation facilities can be viewed online and your corporate day can be organized by filling in a contact form and submitting your query. Remember to include any additional requests or questions you might have.

Golf Instruction | Hermitage Golf Course | Golf Fore It

Mixing business with golf is a great way to take your clients away from stuffy meeting rooms and the stress of a high-paced day at work – all without them having to take a leave day. After all, it’s still business!

Do your clients a favor and book a corporate golf day at an estate that’s sure to impress.  The peaceful setting will encourage relaxed quality time and you’ll be able to really talk and listen to your client – and while you’re at it, throw in a good bit of healthy competition and ice-cold refreshments to make it a day they’ll remember without even having to put on your branded merchandise. Who said you can’t mix business and pleasure?


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