2018 Golf Season Trends

2018 Golf Season Trends … Just Have Fun.

The 2018 Golf Season Trends are easy to figure out and it’s expected to erupt – mushroom cloud and all.  There are a number of reasons that 2018 will be over the top.  But one reason in particular that we’re big fans of, and have a great passion for, is the ability to “be exactly who you are, while still being a golfer.” (Great line by Keely Levins from GolfWorld)

This is why all of our offerings here at Golf Fore It are designed by the customer.  As one of the great entrepreneur’s once said, with a few modifications,  “Give the golfer what they want, not what you want them to want.”

In honor of the upcoming 2018 season we have put together a couple of photos of folks just playing a game and having some fun.




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